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My apologies about the remainder of the blog. I could not get wifi in Paris. But, we are doing a presentation on July 29 in Kavanagh Hall after the 11am Mass. Hope to see you all there


Thursday, July 28

We started the day with Mass at the basilica of Mary Magdalene in Arles. What a magnificent church!! And yes, all your petitions were on the altar. Matt, you would love the organ!! We toured the place and found the skull of the blind man in John’s gospel and the skull of Mary Magdalene. Next, we visited Mary Magdalene home and learned about her. For lunch, we had wonderful picnic at out tour guides family home. We are really getting a look at the real France. We then went to st baume. There we trekked up the mile high journey to see the grotto. It was absolutely beautiful.

Question: What stood out to you today?

Answer: Chance: The priest singing at the grotto.

Jacob: Seeing the skulls of the man born blind and Mary Magdalene

wed, June 27

Went to Carcasonne and had Mass in a 12th century church, so awesome!! St Dominic had preached there. Toured through the castle/fortress . You’ll have research the history. Very interesting

Swimming in the Mediterranean Sea was a high point. The water was fairly warm and and salty so swimming was easy with nice rolling waves

Tuesday, Day 3


e started the day with a video about Bernadette and her story then Mass. From there, we went to the miracles museum and the house she grew up in. Very interesting. During our free time, we walled up to the castle (built, 1644).

The best was yet to come. After lunch, we went to the baths where we were dunked into the healing waters of Lourdes. Cold, cold, cold, but what an experience. Free time was spent filling bottles with water, exploring and stations of the cross. Got a Eucharistic procession in before dinner. After dinner, we (plus thousands of others) had a candlelight Marian procession. This has been done every night since Mary’s apparitions. Amazing! ! Rosaries in all languages were being prayed all day. At Lourdes, the sick and disabled are the VIPs. Here are a couple comments from the youth. Question: What touched you most today. Chance-The baths, it felt like a renewal, somewhat of a baptism. Olivia -the candlelight Marian procession, to see the amount of people there all praying.

Tomorrow is another day. Enjoy the pics